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MMI is a leading secondary market solutions distributor of all board level components both active and passive.  We also service such other products as mil-spec connectors, computer hardware, LCD panels and fully assembled boards. Our stretch in the industry is so vast, that we often have a saying here at MMI "all we need is a part number and a manufacturer to source your needs".  

​Many of the electronic components that go into your finished goods have a life cycle that is significantly shorter than the life cycle of the products they make up.  Original Component Manufacturers (OCM's) normally dictate a part go EOL (end of life) either because demand has declined to levels that make it impractical to continue to produce OR because the materials and technologies necessary to produce it become too expensive to maintain or may no longer be available.  This is becoming more prevalent in our industry as technology continues to grow and competitors are finding more efficient ways to enhance chip manufacturing technologies.   

​That's where we come in.  MMI can assist you in analyzing the risk factors that are present in your existing component supply chain and help you solve supply chain breaks or "line down" situations.  In addition, MMI has the inside track in knowing when these parts are getting ready to go EOL which allows us to work hand in hand with you on strategizing your last time buys.  

Too often, purchasers go to buy the products from their franchise distributors either to find out the part has already been scheduled for obsolescence and they have missed the window for a last time buy.  This leaves your engineers and project managers scrambling to either find a suitable cross or to "spin" the boards which is not only time consuming but costly to the OEM.  By singing up for MMI's EOL lifecycle program, we can send you a list monthly of all the board level components which are being scheduled for EOL and make sure you are one step ahead of the game. 

Electronic Components Obsolecense Management